An App That Rescues Your Restaurant Leftovers (Plus 4 More Amazing Ways To Stop Wasting Food)

With food waste posing a huge problem in the US, these creative fixes are tackling the problem head on.

February 28, 2017
food waste

Forty percent of the food we produce in the United States—133 billion pounds annually—goes to waste, while one in eight of us go hungry. The math doesn't add up. Thankfully, creative new fixes offer hope for denting the problem. 

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NYU students launched Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, an app that alerts volunteers when restaurants have unserved food so it can be ferried to homeless shelters instead of being thrown away.

Pittsburgh's 412 Food Rescue helps farmers sell, rather than scrap, cosmetically imperfect produce through the Ugly CSA. Customers can sign up to receive blemished goods that grocery stores reject.

Amp Your Good tackles hunger and waste with a web-based platform for food drives, where donors can contribute healthy options using an online registry.

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Trader Joe's founder Doug Rauch launched the first Daily Table in Boston in 2015. The grocery resells overstocked and safe, expired foods at cut-rate prices.

And to address the problem on a nationwide scale, the group Food Policy Action works with top chefs like Tom Colicchio to promote waste-busting legislation like the Food Recovery Act, which reduces food waste in schools, federal agencies, and more.