Top Doc Recommends These Natural Foods

These foods will help you achieve hormonal balance, restore your metabolism, and help you lose weight!

July 8, 2014
Natural Foods
Get Your Hormones Back on Track


In Natasha Turner, ND's, latest book, The Supercharged Hormone Diet, she explains how to achieve hormonal balance and sustainable weight loss in just 30 days! Start feeling revitalized and get your hormones back on track without the use of medication by choosing some of Dr. Turner's favorite brands. Happy shopping!


Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Crystals
Coconut Secret's Raw Coconut Crystals


One of the rules of the Hormone Diet is to avoid added sugar. But I also emphasize that you stay away from artificial sweeteners, which can increase your appetite, cravings, blood sugar, and insulin. Instead, look for these natural alternatives when you need a little boost of sweetness.

When you need a little sweetening up, reach for this low-glycemic index, low-calorie sweetener.

1 Tablespoon = 7 grams of sugar/carbs

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Wholesome Sweeteners Zero
Wholesome Sweeteners' Zero


Made with organic erythritol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in our bodies as well as in fruits, vegetables, and even certain fermented foods like soy sauce, this sweetener contains zero carbs and is diabetic friendly.

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Eden Organic Apple Butter
Eden Organic Apple Butter


Another option for a sweetener, but it's important to note it's not a completely calorie- or carb-free choice.

1 Tablespoon = 20 calories/4 grams of sugar

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Food for Life's Ezekiel 4:9 Cereal
Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Cereal


I am not really a fan of cereals, especially for breakfast, but there are some selections that are more Hormone Diet friendly than others.

Much like this brand's flourless yeast-free sprouted grain breads, its cereals are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and natural fiber, with no added fat. A ½-cup serving is 200 calories, 3 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein, and 38 grams of carbs (6 grams of that in fiber). I recommend using a 1/3 cup and topping it with additional protein, such as Greek yogurt, and fats, such as 1 teaspoon of almond slivers.

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Nature's Path Kamut Puffs
Nature's Path Foods' Kamut Puffs


A 1-cup serving of this cereal contains only 11 grams of carbs, along with 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. Perhaps one of the nicest attributes of this product is that it contains 100 percent kamut and nothing else!

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Nature's Path Millet Rice Flakes
Nature's Path Foods' Millet Rice Flakes


This wheat-free cereal contains 22 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein per serving.

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Barbara's Bakery Multigrain Shredded Spoonfuls
Barbara's Bakery's Multigrain Shredded Spoonfuls


Lower in carbs than most other cereals, this option contains 23 grams of carbs along with 1.5 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber, and 3 grams of protein per serving.

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Nature's Path Smart Bran with Psyllium
Nature's Path Foods' Smart Bran With Psyllium


A 2/3-cup serving of this cereal contains 24 grams of carbs, which is higher than desired, but it also has a whopping 8 grams of fiber! Protein and fat are on the low side at 3 grams and 1.5 grams, respectively.

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Nature's Path FlaxPlus Multibran
Nature's Path's FlaxPlus Multibran


This cereal provides a decent source of fiber (5 grams) and is low in fat (1.5 grams), but it's slightly high in carbs (23 grams) and low in protein (4 grams).

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Nutritious Living Hi-Lo
Nutritious Living Hi-Lo


This cereal is tops for its protein and carb content. It contains only 13 grams of carbs per serving and a fabulous 12 grams of protein. It's also high in fiber (6 grams) and low in fat (1 gram).

Nutritious Living Hi-Lo With Strawberries is very similar but has just 1 extra gram of carbs for a total of 14 grams per serving.

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Kavli Crispy Thin Crispbread
Kavli's Crispy Thin Crispbread


If you are a fan of crispbread, of course your detox process gave the green light for rye products. And you can't go wrong with this Norwegian whole grain option. Famous for its naturally crisp texture and mild nutty taste, 3 pieces add up to just 50 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 11 grams of carbs.

Add a high-protein cheese and a handful of nuts for a nutritious snack.

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Food for Life's Ezekiel 4:9 Bread
Food for Life's Ezekiel 4:9 Bread


If you're craving raisin toast, the Cinnamon Raisin variety is your best bet. It's a lovely treat when toasted and topped with almond butter. From a carb perspective, your best selection is the Ezekiel Sesame. It contains only 14 grams of carbs yet offers 3 grams of fiber.

You can also select the Ezekiel tortillas, cereal, hotdog buns, and burger buns.

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King Soba Organic Brown Rice and Wakame Noodles
King Soba's Organic Brown Rice and Wakame Noodles


A wheat- and gluten-free option, this product contains 36 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of protein per serving.

Keep your serving size small, otherwise you'll consume too many carbohydrates. The 100 percent buckwheat type has 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and is slightly lower in carbs at 33 grams.

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Eden Organic Kamut Spirals
Eden Organic's Kamut Spirals


With 8 grams of fiber, 51 grams of carbs, and 14 grams of protein, this pasta is an OK choice.

It's also made using 100 percent whole grain with no added salt, and it is certified kosher. Much like the soba noodles, you'll want to keep your portions small with these to avoid taking in too many carbs.

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Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter
Artisana's Butters


The quickest way to alter the flavor of your morning smoothie and avoid breakfast boredom is to frequently change the fat source, and that includes nut and even coconut butters.

Artisana is made in a vegan facility and offers organic raw nut butters, from almond to cashew. One tablespoon completes your fat requirement for a meal or smoothie with 90 calories, 8 grams of fat, 8 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of protein using their cashew flavor. For a twist, use coconut butter instead of coconut oil.

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Nuts to You Nut Butter
Nuts to You's Nut Butter


This is one of my favorite nut butter brands. You can taste the difference, and it's not a soupy paste. Two tablespoons of almond or cashew butter contain 18 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of protein.

The pumpkinseed butter has a slightly lower 13 grams of fat, a whopping 10 grams of protein, and only 4 grams of carbs. Use 1 Tablespoon for a great, gluten-free source of protein and healthy fat.

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Eden Organic Tamari Soy Sauce
Eden Organic's Tamari Soy Sauce


This is a low-calorie, wheat-free soy sauce made from organic soybeans. Each tablespoon has only 10 calories, 2 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of protein, but it also contains 990 milligrams of sodium, so be sure to increase your water intake if you like to use this sauce.

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Bragg's All Purpose Seasoning
Bragg's All-Purpose Seasoning


Also known as Bragg Liquid Aminos, this sauce is a certified-non-GMO liquid protein concentrate derived from soybeans, and contains essential and non-essential amino acids in naturally occurring amounts. It tastes very similar to regular soy sauce but is a little easier on sodium. There are 160 milligrams per ½ teaspoon, but you only need to use a small amount because the taste is strong.

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Omega Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar
Omega Nutrition's Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has many benefits, from increasing circulation and energy to improving digestion and skin health. Best of all, it boasts 0 calories and 0 carbs.

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Zukay Salad Dressings
Zukay's Salad Dressings


Unique, raw fermented salad dressings with 0 fat and no oils. These dressings are rich in enzymes and live cultures, which is great for your digestion as well as your tastebuds.

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Annie's Naturals Balsamic Vinaigrette
Annie's Naturals' Balsamic Vinaigrette


This is an organic salad dressing that is also dairy, gluten, and soy free, so it's perfect while you are on the detox. Two tablespoons give you 100 calories, 10 grams of fat, and 3 grams of carbs.

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Crofter's Superfruit Spread
Crofter's Superfruit Spread


Made with ripe organic fruit, these spreads come in a wide variety of flavors. They are sweetened with fair-trade sugar and contain one-third less sugar than regular jam. A 1-tablespoon serving contains 30 calories and 8 grams of carbs (7 grams from naturally occurring sugars).

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Frontera Salsa
Frontera's Salsa


With gourmet flavors ranging from Chipotle and Habanero to Mango Key Lime and Spanish Olive, this isn't your ordinary salsa. Lucky for us it's also gluten free.

What I really like about this salsa is that it's simple with just a handful of ingredients (all ones that you can pronounce). Two tablespoons add pizazz to your meal regardless of your expertise in the kitchen and only add 10 calories, 3 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of fiber.

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Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce


From tomato sauce to salsa, this brand provides an assortment of all-natural, organic products that taste homemade all the while focusing on organic, sustainable agriculture.

Add a dash of flavor with black bean and corn, chipotle, or garlic cilantro, or get back to the basics with good old-fashioned medium or mild salsa. Two tablespoons of salsa have 20 calories, 4 grams of carbs, and just 1 gram of sugar.

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The Ginger People Sauce
The Ginger People's Sauce


The Ginger Peanut Sauce is a rich, nutty, and yummy complement for chicken or beef kabobs. Sweetened with cider vinegar and natural cane juice, each 2-tablespoon serving has only 25 calories, 4 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of sugar.

The Ginger Sesame Sauce packs 40 calories per ounce, with 3.5 grams of fat and 2.5 grams of carbs. Avoid both if you have a sensitivity to soy, wheat, or peanuts.

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Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste
Thai Kitchen


I like their red curry and green curry pastes, as they are gluten free with no added sugar or harmful oils. The former has 25 calories and 4 grams of carbs per tablespoon, while the latter contains 10 calories and 3 grams of carbs.

Their Organic Lite Coconut Milk also has 60 percent fewer calories and fat than regular coconut milk.

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Fontaine Sante Veggie Pate
Fontaine Sante Veggie Pate and Hummus


This company makes several dips and spreads. The veggie pâté has 4 grams of protein (3 grams in the traditional flavor), 3 grams of carbs, and 9 grams of fat, so be sure to watch your serving size.

The hummus comes in many flavors, and the spinach dip is made with canola oil.

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Bolthouse Farms Salad Dressing
Bolthouse Farms


When it comes to dressings, there are many to avoid because they have added sugar and less-than-healthy oils. For example, Simply Organic dressings and sauces use soybean oil, while Old El Paso Salsa has added sugars and hydrogenated oil. (Luckily, there are much healthier versions readily available!)

Bolthouse Farms is one of the world's largest producers of carrots, but also offers other products. Vinaigrettes come in tropical mango, classic balsamic, and a raspberry-merlot flavors. Two tablespoons has only 2 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbs.

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Mary's Organic Crackers
Mary's Organic Crackers


These organic, wheat-free, and gluten-free crackers contain no harmful oils. The Original flavor is made with organic whole-grain brown rice, organic flaxseed, and organic brown sesame seeds, with no added fat. Other flavors include Caraway, Black Pepper, and Herb. A fulfilling 13 crackers will provide 20 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein, and 3.5 grams of fat.

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Finn Crisp Crispbread
Finn Crisp's Crispbread


Most brand-name crackers and prepared snacks contain too much sugar and harmful fats. These selections here, however, are free of harmful oils and are much healthier options.

Choose this multigrain cracker for its 24 grams of carbs, 1.5 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein per serving (in a 5-cracker serving). Avoid this one, however, if you are sensitive to rye flour.

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Kavli 5 Grain Crispbread
Kavli's 5-Grain All-Natural Whole-Grain Crispbread


These crispbreads have a mild, nutty taste. They are baked using only pure, natural ingredients, are high in fiber and low in calories, and do not contain cholesterol. Two slices gives you 14 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein.

The traditional Crispy Thin is similar, but has 12 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of protein.

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Wasa Crispbread
Wasa's Crispbread


This company makes various crispbreads that are all-natural and fat free. Each slice has approximately 10 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, and 45 calories.

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Hol-Grain Crackers
Hol-Grain's Crackers


These tasty crackers come in Brown Rice, Onion & Garlic, and Brown Rice and Sesame, with salt-free options. They contain no added fat, sugar, imitation flavorings, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

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Redwood Hills Goat Milk Yogurt
Redwood Hills Goat Milk Yogurt


Dairy made from sheep's or goat's milk tends to cause fewer digestive issues for those who are lactose intolerant, so they don't have to give up the healthy probiotic content. One 6-ounce container from Redwood Hills has 100 calories, 4.5 grams fat, 7 grams of carbs, and 7 grams of protein.

Choose the plain option to steer clear of excess sugars.

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Cabot Cheese
Cabot Cheese


Like my other dairy choices, the key is to choose options that are particularly high in protein. Cabot's 75-percent-less-fat Sharp Extra Light and Habanero Light cut the fat without sacrificing flavor.

They're also naturally lactose and gluten free with 60 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 9 grams of protein per 1-ounce serving. Combine 2 ounces with 1 tablespoon of nuts and an apple for a quick and easy snack.

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Chobani Greek Yogurt
Chobani's Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt in general livens up any smoothie, and Chobani's version has less than 5 percent lactose, which makes it a feasible option for many people who usually steer clear of dairy due to digestive issues.

Opt for the nonfat plain Greek yogurt (with 23 grams of protein for an 8-ounce serving) or their low-fat plain Greek yogurt, which has 5 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs, and 22 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving.

Although Chobani's flavored versions are sweetened with natural sugars such as evaporated cane juice, forgo them to avoid spikes in insulin

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Organic Valley Cottage Cheese
Organic Valley's Cottage Cheese


This farmer-owned brand offers a low-fat cottage cheese made from organic milk that excludes the additives found in many competitors' products. It's also suitable for lacto-vegetarians and is certified kosher.

A ½-cup portion is just 100 calories, 2 grams of fat and 4 grams carbs, yet supplies 15 grams of protein. Just watch for the sodium when eaten in excess (450 milligrams per serving).

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Green & Black's Organic Chocolate
Green & Black's Organic Chocolate


If you're craving something sweet, you can indulge in a small piece of this flavorful organic chocolate.

All varieties are egg free, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians. They do contain dairy and soy, however, so avoid them if you have sensitivities to these ingredients.


ShaSha Co. Snacks
ShaSha Co.'s Cookies


These certified-organic cookies contain no additives and are free of trans fats and cholesterol.

With flavors of Spelt Ginger Snaps and Cocoa Snaps, a serving of 15 of these little heart-shaped cookies contain only 23 grams of carbs, 8 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fat, and 3 grams of protein.


Cruncha Ma-Me Edamame Snacks
Cruncha Ma-Me's Edamame


It's hard to turn away a high-protein, high-fiber snack that not only satisfies your urge to crunch, but also lets you reap the benefits of hormonally balanced nutrition.

One 20-ounce bag of these freeze-dried edamame snacks are 90 calories, 4 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbs, and 8 grams of protein. They also come in lightly seasoned, sea salt & black pepper, onion & chive, and jalapeño flavors. Enjoy two bags for a complete snack.


Organic Traditions Navitas Naturals Cacao Powder
Navitas Naturals' Cacao Powder


A tasty addition to smoothies, yogurt, fruit, and even coffee, raw cocoa powder is a quick way to quench a chocolate craving and take advantage of its many antioxidant benefits.

This is a healthy alternative to conventional overprocessed cocoa options, providing 60 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 9 grams of carbs (4 grams of that being fibrous), and 3 grams of protein in every 2.5 tablespoons.


Ceres Juice
Ceres' Juice

Quality fruit juices contain nutrients, but they can be very high in naturally occurring sugars. Use juices sparingly, and try mixing them with water or soda water to make a refreshing drink with fewer calories and carbs. Ceres 100% pure fruit juice has no added cane sugar, colorants, or preservatives.

Kiju Juice
Kiju's Juice

Kiju 100% juices are certified-organic juice blends with no added sugar. From organic apple to pomegranate-cherry and mango-orange, Kiju juices are simple, healthy, and delicious.

R.W. Knudsen Just Cranberry Juice
R.W. Knudsen's Juice

The R.W. Knudsen Family products are all-natural, made without artificial flavors or preservatives, and never contain added sugar.

POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice
POM Wonderful's Juice

Pomegranates provide several important nutrients, including vitamin K, potassium, and a variety of pomegranate polyphenols that help to protect the body against molecules that cause damage to our bodies over time.

Almond Breeze's Almond Milk


A non-dairy beverage made from real almonds. It's gluten, cholesterol, and lactose free and is a refreshing alternative to soy and rice drinks.

Choose the unsweetened vanilla or chocolate flavors, which have only 3 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of protein.


Zevia Natural Diet Sodas
Zevia's Natural Diet Sodas


These soft drinks are sweetened with stevia and erythritol and come in a variety of flavors, from black cherry to ginger root beer.

Best of all, Zevia has no calories, no net carbohydrates, and no fat. Safe for diabetics and dieters alike!


Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water
Vita Coco's Natural Coconut Water


This is a pasteurized drink made from green coconuts. Each 11-ounce serving has 15 grams of carbohydrates, coming from naturally occurring sugars.

Coconut water also has 15 times more potassium than is found in sport drinks, so it's great for high-energy days.


Edensoy's Soy Milk


Since not all soy milk is made equal, you want to be on the lookout for a brand that offers an unsweetened version made from organic non-GMO soybeans.

Edensoy fits the bill with just purified water and organic soybeans in the ingredient list. A 4-ounce serving has 60 calories, 3 grams fat, 2.5 grams carbs, and 6 grams of protein (not to mention 460 milligrams of potassium).


Perrier's Lemon, Lime, or Grapefruit Water


If you like a lemon or lime flavor, this is a great 0-calorie beverage with only 3 milligrams of sodium per cup. My new favorite drink is the grapefruit flavor.


Stash Tea
Stash's Teas


All herbal teas can be consumed as desired.


Mighty Leaf Tea
Mighty Leaf's Teas


This is another loose-leaf tea option that blends a variety of herbs and spices. Mighty Leaf's website lists the teas by flavor, mood, and level of caffeine.


Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Burgers
Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Burgers


This is a healthy protein source using organic and vegetarian grain–fed turkey, while packing 22 g of protein per burger. With 11 g of fat there's no need to add additional fats to your meal. Their organic turkey bacon is a great healthy alternative with 35 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein per slice (28 grams).


Amy's Kitchen Texas Burgers
Amy's Kitchen Texas Burgers


This protein-rich, all-vegetarian soy burger is combined with a distinctive blend of vegetables and grains for a barbecue flavor and texture. Each patty is sweetened with cane juice and gives you 12 grams of protein, 14 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber and less than 3 grams of fat. Contains safflower and/or sunflower oil.






Sol Cuisine Spicy Black Bean Burger
Sol Cuisine Spicy Black Bean Burger


This soy-based burger includes minimal ingredients and maximum taste. Using sunflower oil, each patty has 15 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, 2.8 grams of fat, and 0 sugar. It's also lower in sodium than the Yves brand, with only 290 milligrams per patty.


Whole Foods Alaska Salmon Burgers
Whole Foods Alaska Salmon Burgers


Sourced from the waters off Alaska, this burger uses salmon that is Marine Stewardship Council certified. Serve on top of a salad or with grilled sun-dried tomatoes and basil mayo. Each patty packs 18 grams of protein and 0 carbs.






Whole Foods Mahi Mahi Burgers
Whole Foods Mahi Mahi Burgers


Sourced from the Pacific waters of the equator, Whole Foods mahi mahi is wild caught and lightly seasoned for a mild but delectable flavor. Serve on lettuce with one or two grilled pineapple slices for a truly tropical burger or mix Dijon mustard and low-sodium soy or teriyaki sauce for an Asian twist. Each patty packs 18 grams of protein and 0 carbs. Mahi mahi is higher in mercury than most other fish, so enjoy only occasionally.


Simply Bar
Simply Bar


Bars are great as meal replacements or snacks, but be careful because many are loaded with added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and harmful oils.

On the other hand, these Simple Bars are excellent bars that are not only low glycemic, but also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and kosher. Available in a wide variety of flavors, all have under 160 calories and over 16 grams of protein.






Quest Nutrition
Quest Nutrition


There are few protein bars available that can satisfy your tastebuds along with your desire for a low-glycemic, low-carb meal replacement without artificial sweeteners. Quest hits the spot. The all-natural line is sweetened with stevia, versus sugar alcohols, and packs 17 grams of fiber, 5 to 7 grams of fat, and 20 grams of protein. Flavors include banana-nut muffin, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon roll, strawberry cheesecake, lemon cream pie, and--my favorite--coconut cashew.


Dream Protein
Dream Protein


Nutritional powder supplements provide a very fast, easy, pure, and highly absorbable protein source. Whey protein isolate, for instance, is the most bioavailable source of protein. It supports healthy immune system function and is the most useful type of protein to encourage the loss of body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

It's also a source of the antioxidant glutathione. A whey protein isolate is easier to absorb than a concentrate and tends to cause less digestive upset for individuals sensitive to dairy because it is lactose-free. Always choose protein-powder supplements that are free of added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Dream protein features an amazing taste, and it mixes without a blender. A very pure product—in a 24-gram scoop, 20 grams of it is protein. It comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. The vanilla is the favorite at Clear Medicine; it's definitely one of our top-selling products.






AOR Advanced Whey
AOR Advanced Whey


A high-quality protein with 23 grams of protein, 1.4 grams of carbs and 1 gram of fat per scoop. This product does contain, however, a mixture of protein concentrate and isolate. So, if you are lactose intolerant, select another brand that has 100 percent isolate.


Nutribiotic Rice Protein
Nutribiotic Rice Protein


This vegetable protein is free of the common food allergens normally associated with products such as soy, milk, egg, wheat, and yeast. Made from whole brown rice, each tablespoon has 0.3 grams of fat, 1.8 grams of carbs and 12 grams of protein. Have 2 to 3 tablespoons for a full serving of protein.






Vega Sport Natural Plant-based Protein
Vega Sport Natural Plant-based Protein


This product is derived from a broad spectrum blend of sprouted whole-grain brown rice, green pea, hemp, alfalfa and spirulina proteins. Each scoop contains 5,000 milligrams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), digestive enzymes, and glutamine, along with 20 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of fat.