​9 Surprising Ways To Eat Hummus (Other Than As Dip)

Your favorite high-protein spread is the secret to creamier soups, healthier casseroles, and bigger flavor.

October 10, 2017
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surprising ways to eat hummus
Photograph courtesy of Hope Foods

Hummus on its own is already pretty wonderful. The chickpea-based spread packs a satiating combo of protein and fiber, so it’s the perfect healthy snack with veggie slices. Not to mention, you can flavor it any way you like with the right stir-ins (try these 4 delicious combos).

But if you think hummus is just for dipping, you’re missing out.

The versatile puree is also a smart way to power up the nutrition of your soups, pastas, and other everyday recipes. In fact, vegans have long hailed hummus as the secret ingredient to making creamy dishes without using dairy.

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Take hummus to next-level deliciousness in these clever recipes that use it to stuff squash, lighten up queso, and make your mouth water.

surprising ways to eat hummus
1/9 Photograph courtesy of Kara Lydon
Spicy Creamy Sweet Potato Hummus Soup

Comforting soups are often laden with cream, but not this one from Kara Lydon. She simmers sweet potato cubes in vegetable stock with cooked onions, garlic, and cumin until they're tender, then mixes in a container of Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus before pureeing it all together. The result is a well-seasoned soup, minus the long ingredient list. (Don't miss these 6 hearty bean soups that will keep you full for hours.)

surprising ways to eat hummus
2/9 Photograph courtesy of Hope Foods
Kale Pesto Penne With Roasted Tomatoes

The hummus makers at Hope Foods use their own kale pesto blend as the sauce in this four-ingredient meal. All you need to do is cook the penne, roast your tomatoes, and then toss the drained noodles with the hummus before serving. Your bowl will burst with flavor from the organic kale and basil in the hummus, plus you'll get plenty of protein from its hemp seeds and chickpeas.

surprising ways to eat hummus
3/9 Photograph courtesy of Life Made Sweeter
Butternut Squash Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Here's a trick from Kelly at Life Made Sweeter: Use hummus to thicken up a favorite casserole. She updates old-school broccoli cheddar by swapping pasta with higher-protein quinoa and folding in veggies galore, including spinach and squash. And the addition of savory low-sodium chicken broth and garlic hummus eliminates your need for a can of unhealthy "cream of" soup. (Use leftover quinoa in one of these 8 one-pot recipes ready in 30 minutes or less!)

Here's another really fun and delicious way to use your butternut squash:

surprising ways to eat hummus
4/9 Photograph courtesy of Fannetastic Food
Spicy Hummus Queso Dip

Oh, queso...so bad for you, but so good. Anne, the registered dietitian and brains behind Fannetastic Food, solves this conundrum with her healthier spin on the tailgating classic. She whisks spicy store-bought hummus with milk, melts in some shredded cheddar, then mixes in tomatoes at the end. This way, the chickpeas in the hummus will fill you up before you accidentally eat the whole bag of chips.

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surprising ways to eat hummus
5/9 Photograph courtesy of Hope Foods
Stuffed Acorn Squash

Pick up a container of Red Pepper Hope Hummus to try this savory squash recipe from Hope Foods. The dip adds smoky flavor to the stuffing mixture of cooked quinoa, apple, onion, sage, walnuts, and aquafaba (here's what the heck that is). Stuffed and baked 'til golden, this hearty, healthy fall dish is hard to resist. (Try these 8 other surprisingly delicious ways to stuff squash.)

surprising ways to eat hummus
6/9 Photograph courtesy of Hummusapien
The Best Easy Vegan Lasagna

Lactose intolerant? That's not a lasagna deal-breaker when you use hummus tofu "ricotta" instead, like Alexis at Hummusapien does. To make her faux cheese (that she swears tastes like the real thing), she combines pressed tofu with roasted garlic hummus, nutritional yeast, basil, salt, and garlic powder. Then, she layers whole grain noodles with generous helpings of zucchini, peas, mushroom, and spinach. (If you used jarred marinara sauce, avoid the kind with added sugars, and watch for these other secret sugar bombs you're buying.)

surprising ways to eat hummus
7/9 Photograph courtesy of Contentedness Cooking
Hummus Homemade Bread

Yep, this magic spread even works in baked goods, like this gluten-free loaf by Florian of Contentedness Cooking. Better yet, it requires only five simple ingredients! Florian likes using light buckwheat flour, which has more protein than regular all-purpose. (Try Haldeman's Light Buckwheat Flour, $20 for 2 bags, amazon.com.) With a final garnish of pumpkin seeds on top, you'll also get a dose of magnesium, which is critical for your muscle and nerve function.

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surprising ways to eat hummus
8/9 Photograph courtesy of Hope Foods
Spicy Black Bean + Avocado Savory Oats

After trying this scrumptious meal, you'll never call oatmeal boring again. Hope Foods uses their Spicy Avocado Hummus to dial up the flavor in this savory bowl, topped with potassium-packed avocado, plus green onion, cilantro, and any other seasonings you choose. It's a delicious way to sneak in more fiber (thanks, oats!) at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (Here are 5 signs your body really wants you to eat more fiber.)

surprising ways to eat hummus
9/9 Photograph courtesy of This Savory Vegan
One Pot Creamy Hummus Pasta

Even if you're in a rush, you can whip up this easy dinner by Rene, A.K.A. This Savory Vegan. Rather than slathering on a fatty cream sauce, she stirs hummus right into the mix of cooked linguine, sun dried tomatoes, oil and garlic. Sauté in some nutrient-packed spinach (who knew it was chockfull of energizing iron?), and your meal's ready in 20 minutes flat.

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