9 Spicy Fruit Salsas You'll Want To Eat All Summer Long

Mix it up by balancing spice with a little sweet.

May 19, 2016
strawberry salsa
1/10 Photograph courtesy of KITCHEN TREATY

We love salsa using tomatoes that come from our vegetable garden or local farmers’ market, but every now and then it’s nice to mix things up. Juicy and sweet, salsa made from fresh fruits are the perfect thing to take the edge off hot nights. Click through to see some of our favorite recipes.

apple pomegranate salsa
2/10 Photograph courtesy of ABUNDANT HARVEST KITCHEN
Apple + Pomegranate

Swap out a traditional tomato base for sweet-tart pomegranate and crunchy apple, which complement jalapeño and onion in this recipe by Abundant Harvest Kitchen. Zingy lime juice holds it all together. 

peach salsa
3/10 James Roper
Peach + Nectarine

Serve up your favorite stone fruits in a totally new way with our Next-Level Peach + Nectarine Salsa recipe. It gets a kick from jalapeño and chili powder, and red pepper rounds out the sunset of colors. 

plum salsa
4/10 Photograph courtesy of SHOCKINGLY DELICIOUS

This recipe from Shockingly Delicious actually uses plumcots (also called pluots)—a unique plum and apricot hybrid that she describes as having hints of plum, cherry, pomegranate, and honey. (You can always substitute using your favorite local plums if plumcots are difficult to track down.) She mixes them up with cherry tomatoes, olives, and bell peppers.

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strawberry salsa
5/10 Photograph courtesy of KITCHEN TREATY

This easy, seasonal strawberry and jalapeño salsa recipe from Kitchen Treaty uses just five ingredients. It’s so simple to throw together and irresistible for dipping that it’s sure to become a summer staple in your kitchen. 

pineapple salsa
6/10 Photograph courtesy of TWO PEAS AND THEIR POD

At Two Peas And Their Pod, this vibrant pineapple salsa is made for topping fish, pork, and chicken, and, of course, dipping with chips. Cilantro, pepper, and red onion complements the sweet, tangy pineapple.

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kiwi pomegranate salsa
7/10 Photograph courtesy of PAMELA SALZMAN
Kiwi + Pomegranate

Have a kiwi tree at home? Food blogger Pamela Salzman finds they pair up great with pomegranates for a fruit salsa that’s not overly sweet. Mix in avocado, and it’s a real hit, even among picky eaters.

mango avocado salsa
8/10 Photograph courtesy of Rodale Recipe Finder
Mango + Avocado

This Mango-Avocado Salsa makes a refreshing, healthy snack on hot nights. We add in pineapple, too, for extra sweetness. If you prefer a little spice, try mixing in a dash of hot sauce.

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ground cherry salsa
9/10 Photograph courtesy of SWEET DOMESTICITY
Ground Cherry

Sweet Domesticity makes a colorful dip with sweet, fragrant ground cherries and homegrown red chili peppers. The tropical flavor of the ground cherries keep things fresh and light, while lime and cilantro pull everything together. 

pear mint salsa
10/10 Photograph courtesy of KITCHEN KONFIDENCE

Kitchen Konfidence devised this healthy dip with pear, mint (picked fresh from a mint plant), cilantro, and a Serrano chili pepper. The key to this dish is to choose pears that are slightly underripe because they’re slightly acidic and crisper than when fully ripe.