6 Radishes Worth Seeking Out

There's a whole world beyond the Cherry Belles you've probably got in your supermarket.

May 27, 2015
Black Radishes
Black Radishes

These medium-sized round roots have a horseradish-like flavor that mellows to nutty sweetness when cooked.

Purple Daikon
Purple Daikon

A purple variant of the more common white Japanese daikon, these long roots are delicious stir-fried or simmered in miso soup. 

Helios Radish

Bright yellow outside and white within, these Slovakian olive-shaped radishes are named for the Greek god of the sun. Their flavor is mild and sweet. 

Lime Radish

Long, thin lime radishes—so called for the green hue near their leaves, which fades to cream at the root tip—pack a fierce, wasabi-like punch

Watermelon Radish

Known in Chinese as shinrimei (“beauty in the heart”), these multihued radishes are stunning sliced thin in salads.

Ostergruss Radish

Looking like magenta carrots (but with a white inside), these oblong German radishes are traditionally braised with pork or chicken.