Find it Here October/November 2013

August 28, 2013

New Homestead: Harvesting the Sun
Radtkey/Van Atta project:
Blackbird Architects

Van Atta Associates


Recycled plastic Go Porch Swings by Loll Designs:
Available from Design Within Reach

Solar/green roof:
Roof garden planted by Martin Gould at The Waterhouse in Scotland

Dow Powerhouse solar shingles

Apollo II solar shingles

Silicon Solar panels

We Like This! The Goods on Gluten-Free Baking
Bob’s Red Mill

Hodgson Mill


Wholesome Chow


Profiles: Sacred Seed Conservationist
Sacred Seeds Project

Bibendum: Rumtopf
Crusoe Organic Rum

Papagayo Rum

Sow, Grow, Stow
More information about Harriet Fasenfest’s book, DVD, and householding classes is at

Gourd Times
Trout Lily Farm

Gourd seeds:
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Twilley Seed Co.

Cucuzzi seeds: Seeds from Italy

Tealight candle carvers are available from Sur la Table

A Battle Worth Fighting
Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields

Farmer Veteran Coalition

Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training (California)

Healthy with Spice
The Healthy Indian Diet, by Niraj “Raj” Patel (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011) available at

Indian Superfood (Absolute Press, 2010) and Indian Superspices (self-published, 2012), by Gurpareet Bains: available from

Vegan Indian Cooking, by Anupy Singla (Agate Surrey, 2012): available from Agate

Earth Matters: The Vitamin Tree
Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation

Signa Haiti (sells moringa oil)