Find It Here August/September 2012

June 22, 2012

Earth Matters: Closing the Poop Loop, p. 60



Rediscovered Roots, p. 42
Comstock, Ferre & Co

Fedco Seeds

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Kitazawa Seed Co.

Flower Power: Bay, p. 26
Nichols Garden Nursery

Richters Herbs

Sheffield's Seed Co.

Well-Sweep Herb Farm

White Flower Farm

Skills & Abilities: Drip Know-How, p. 18

Plant TNT: Hedgerows, p. 16

Las Pilitas

Rare Find Nursery

We Like This! Light the Night, p. 64 (links are to page where product is sold)
Soji Originals Lantern: Allsop Home and Garden

Ceramic Votive Candleholder: Ten Thousand Villages

String Lights: Wind & Weather

Path Light: Gardener's Supply Co,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=20701

Smudge Pot: Plow & Hearth

Berry Different, p. 30
Edible Landscaping

Kestrel Perch Berries

Nourse Farms

Raintree Nursery

Stark Bro's