vol. 58, no. 2

March 4, 2011

The Best of the Test Garden, page 42
Last summer, 14 gardeners trialed almost 50 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. These 10 topped the list. Find more at OrganicGardening.com.
By Doug Hall

Island Pastoral, page 50
The founder of the kitchenware company Sur la Table lovingly tends a garden overflowing with edibles, ornamentals, and a winsome assortment of livestock.
By Valerie Easton


The All-American Vegetable, page 54
Beans have nourished people on this continent for centuries. Easy to grow, flavorful, and nutritious, they merit a spot in every garden.
By William Woys Weaver

The Golden Touch, page 56
Turmeric is considered the mother herb of India; its assertive flavor and vivid color permeate a culture and its cuisine. 
By Suvir Saran

Web Exclusive
Extra Recipes from Suvir Saran:
Chicken-Chickpea Harira
Toasted Cumin Powder
Garam Masala


Thought Lines, page 6

Letters, page 10

Design Like a Pro, page 18
Four-season appeal starts with the winter garden.

Plant TNT, page 20
Vivid flowers and heady fragrance make this native azalea stand out.

Skills & Abilities, page 22
Install a mowing strip; make insect traps.

Common Ground, page 26
Cristina Santiestevan examines whether peat belongs in our gardens.

Flower Power, page 32
Pamper winter-parched skin with this tropical oil.

Simply Fresh, page 36
Foraging gives new meaning to the phrase ìgoing out for dinner.î

Bibendum, page 40
Jeff Cox on how organic vines make better wines.

Ask Organic Gardening, page 66
Flower bulbs and freezing temps, reusing potting soil, and drying herbs in the microwave.

Good Bug, Bad Bug, page 72
Is it friend or foe? An ID guide to the immature insect.

Earth Matters, page 74
Plastic in the garden, the new superfruit, potatoes with promise, and more.

We Like This!, page 80
Forecasting tools: traditional to high-tech.

Find It Here, page 86

Maria's Farm County Kitchen, page 88
A trip south makes gardening wondrous again.


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