Dermatologist Tested

Label Lingo

November 26, 2010

You might feel safer using a nonprescription skin-care product that has the words "dermatologist tested" on the label, but should you? Probably not. While the term implies that a doctor tested the product and deemed it safe, that isn't necessarily true. The FDA has not defined the term, nor does it require manufacturers to provide evidence that products were tested. The only way to find out whether a product was tested is to call the manufacturer's customer service department. A company should have research available that supports its statements. Himalaya Herbals sent us its clinical results upon request, and Bobbi Brown told us that its label signifies that an independent, certified dermatologist tested products on skin. If a company hems and haws or doesn't get back to you, then its claim may be bogus. And if you're not up for listening to 30 minutes of Céline Dion music while on hold, cut out the middleman and try a product recommended (or approved) by your own dermatologist.