vol. 58, no. 1

December 22, 2010

Sibling Revelry, page 38
Six young sisters happily share the work—and the delicious rewards—on their organic dairy farm in Wisconsin.
By Jeanne Ambrose

A Layered Approach, page 46
A California gardener practices a simple, no-dig planting technique that makes even the poorest soils amazingly rich and productive.
By Debra Prinzing


Perennial Edibles, page 52
Asparagus, rhubarb, woodland strawberries, and lovage: Plant them once, then enjoy their generous bounty for years to come.
By Ellen Ecker Ogden

Poggio Alloro, page 56
Nestled in the breathtaking Tuscan hills lies an organic farm and vineyard that provides its guests with an authentic taste of rustic Italy.
By Ethne Clarke


Design Like a Pro, page 18
Creating a sense of place in the garden.

Plant TNT, page 20
A string of beads to grow, not wear.

Common Ground, page 22
Hunger in America.

Provident Cook, page 26
Pressure cooking serves up hearty meals fast.

Flower Power, page 30
Herbal bath salts take the chill off winter days.

Profiles, page 34
Niki Leondakis, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.

Bibendum, page 36
Terroir separates the great wines from the good.

Ask Organic Gardening, page 54
Storing terra-cotta pots, tap water for houseplants, conifers for a city garden, and more.

Find It Here, page 66

Green Shoots, page 67
A crop of hot peppers inspires a poet.

Good Bug, Bad Bug, page 68
Rid houseplants of scale.

Earth Matters, page 70
Biochar, dogs in the garden, and more.

We Like This!, page 74
Baskets that give in many ways.

Skills & Abilities, page 84
Protect trees from winter damage.

Maria's Farm County Kitchen, page 84
The Joy of Family Gardening


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