Jeremy Lehrer

13 Weird Places Water Ends Up In Your Body
H20 is one of the most important parts of your diet. Here's a rundown of what it does for every part of you + why you need to drink enough each day.
Our Favorite Hot Plunges
Hot springs are curative stews of water, geothermal heat, and the earth’s essential minerals. We seek them out in hopes of healing ailments, from eczema to arthritis, and also restoring the soul.
This Passive-Solar House Gives Us Warm Fuzzies
This beauty uses passive solar and solar power to make an energy-efficient house par excellence.
10 Ways You're Polluting Water Without Realizing It
Wet wipes, microbeads, fatbergs: Keep H20 clean of pollutants with our handy guide. 
A Homeopath Answers To Skeptical Critics
The head pharmacist at Boiron offers a nuanced view of the healing modality, understanding that while homeopathy can be powerfully effective, it also has its limits.
Meet The Family On A Mission To Plant A Billion Flowers
Pick up a few packs of their seed bombs, and you can help.
15 Heavenly Night Skies That Can Only Be Seen From U.S. Parks
Become one with the universe by viewing these celestial images.
Airport Yoga Studios
A guide to airport yoga and meditation rooms that help travelers unwind and energize.
Sustainable Table Settings
Five studios that make gorgeous ceramics with a low-impact ethos.   As you sit down to a dinner of soba noodles and salmon, probably the last thing on your mind is the environmental footprint of the tableware that you’re eating from. Yet sustainability is a concern for ceramicists, and pioneering artists are working to limit the environmental footprint of making ceramics, with an understanding that a plate or bowl is truly beautiful when it is both visually attractive and environmentally sustainable. These artisans are reducing the footprint of their work by sourcing clay from local areas, using recycled material for packaging, and turning to renewable energy or even wood waste to fire kilns. These five studios are some of our favorites.
7 Quirky CSAs
Carrots and zucchini are passé, as CSAs offer much more than vegetables these days.