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Meet the staff of Rodale's Organic Life.

We are an online handbook for living naturally in the modern world, a vivid chronicle of friendly, authoritative information about global cooking, gardening, design, wellness, and travel. Every article, every essay, every stunning pictorial, every reader forum, every social-media conversation taking place within our universe honors the belief that we all have the potential to learn more about ourselves and about fresh ways to engage ­ spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally ­ with our environment and our communities. Tell us what you think by joining our Reader Panel.

Melanie HanscheMelanie Hansche, Editor in Chief, is a professional glutton who has moonlighted as a cheese judge, tasted 124 cookies in one sitting, and stood in line for two hours for Hong Kong's best dumplings. She has specialized in food media for most of her 16 years in publishing, working variously as a magazine editor, cookbook editor, food writer, and restaurant critic. Before joining Organic Life, she served as Food Director at Rodale, where she re-imagined several of the company's key food platforms and initiatives, as well as editing CEO Maria Rodale's first cookbook, Scratch. A native Aussie, she was previously the managing editor of donna hay magazine, one of Australia's most successful and recognized multi-platform food brands. "#myorganiclife invariably starts in my kitchen where I can feed, nourish and entertain the ones I love with food that's as good for them as it is the planet."

Karen ShimizuKaren Shimizu, Deputy Editor, is a former senior editor at Saveur magazine, where she also served as the travel editor and research chief. Her stories about heirloom garlic, organic farming communities for the disabled, and ancient winemaking traditions have taken her everywhere from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom to the Republic of Georgia. In her down time she enjoys exploring the hiking trails of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Gina TomaineGina Tomaine, Associate Deputy Editor, is a former research editor and writer for Boston, Boston Home, and Boston Weddings, and has contributed home, health, lifestyle, and travel stories to media outlets such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, Complex, and The Boston Globe. She previously taught writing and literature at Saint Joseph's University, and earned her MFA from Emerson College. "I live #myorganiclife by practicing yoga and meditation, running outdoors, and traveling mindfully—I've snorkeled a glacial rift in Iceland, indulged in some local crispy fish at a farm-to-table restaurant in Budapest, and camped on safari in the Masai Mara."

David OblasDavid Oblas, Web Producer, has been working in the online industry for ten years, and at Rodale for the past six years. David has tended organic gardens for most of his life, makes delicious meals for his family using the Malaysian “agak-agak” cooking technique, and crafts his own soaps and cleaning products. David’s long-term goal is to own a large homestead and become self-sufficient, possibly in Canada. "#myorganiclife is chemical-free growing, eating, and living."

Rebecca StrausRebecca Straus, Assistant Digital Editor, interned at Rodale's Organic Life before joining the staff permanently. She graduated from Temple University, where she was a member of the student-run community garden, and is now happy to be using her English degree for gainful employment with a brand she admires. She also spent a year studying abroad in the UK, which ignited her love of travel and passion for milky breakfast tea. "#myorganiclife includes camping on weekends, participating in the Rodale employee garden club, daydreaming of my future cabin in Montana, and enjoying a weekly ice cream cone, minimum."

Toby MaynardToby Maynard, Video Producer, has more than 7 years of experience in digital media, most recently at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. When he's not busy making movies that encourage healthy living, you can find him outdoors – hiking and fishing local trails and lakes, encouraging his tomatoes to climb to new heights, and working up the nerve to climb the ladder to reach those second floor renovations on his 200-year-old farmhouse. "#myorganiclife = Living close to nature and embracing all that it has to offer."