Self-Watering Solutions

Our picks for self-watering containers.

June 24, 2013

It’s time gardeners fessed up—no one likes constantly watering container gardens. They’re beautiful and moveable, and they allow for growing plants in all sorts of ungrowable places. But keeping them at correct moisture levels is an absolute pain. When was the last time they were watered? Did it rain? How moist is too moist? Container gardening should make life beautiful, not complicated. Which is why self-watering containers are the perfect solution. The right one will keep plants in the green, and most require only weekly water refills.

Fruits and Vegetables
Three individual sections allow for separate planting and easy replanting throughout the year. Trio Cottage 30, $220; Trellis, $60; from Lechuza.
self watering pots
The unglazed earthenware of this pot allows water to seep from the centralreservoir into the soil in the outer planter. $50 from Uncommon Goods.
self watering pots
This sleek white window box adapts to any architecture and quickly washes clean. Available in lengths from 2 to 6 feet, $100 to $180, from Plow & Hearth.
self watering pots
The compact, recyclable Patch planter is self-assembled from a flat pack, and is washable and stain resistant; perfect for small herbs. $40 from Patch.
self watering pots
Turn a beautiful, but needy, pot into a self-watering planter with this simple conversion kit. 1 quart, $17; 1 gallon, $20; from Gardener’s Supply Company.
self watering pots
Ferns and Shrubs
The reservoir under this 14-inch-diameter planter is filled through a hole near the bottom, eliminating cumbersome lifting or moving. $10 from Lowe’s.
self watering pots

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