21 Ways to Be a Happier Person Every Day of Your Life

Learn to be more fulfilled by invoking the gardener, artist, lover and spirit-weaver within!

March 24, 2014
True Happiness
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How do you define true happiness? Being fulfilled in your daily work? Enjoying the beauty of a sunset? Or just getting through the day from sunup to sundown without any major disasters?

We all have our own view of the ideal life, the one that writer Elizabeth Murray calls a life in "full bloom"--a life that's good, meaningful, and full of creativity and compassion for others. To achieve that life, she writes in her new book Living Life in Full Bloom, you have to foster and develop the qualities of four distinct personality characteristics that each one of us harbors deep within: the gardener, who nurtures and observes; the artist, who uses creativity to discover new possibilities; the lover, who is guided by her heart and passions; and the spirit-weaver, who expresses gratitude and recognizes blessings.

The following selections from Murray's book show you a few ways that you can tap into each of those personalities so you can "define the purpose of your busy life, figure out who you really are, and unearth your passions and gifts," she writes.

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