We Tested: Kitchen Composters

Save compost scraps in your kitchen without attracting fruit flies.

December 8, 2010

Kitchen scraps make a great addition to compost piles, but a container of carrot peelings swarmed by fruit flies is not exactly the best accessory for your countertop. So toss your scraps into a compost pail instead. These special containers have tight-fitting lids and activated-carbon filters that trap food odors, and some are pretty enough to keep next to the kitchen sink.

Here are our favorites:
Odor Free, $19.95, gardeners.com
Stainless Steel, $19.95 gardeners.com
Compost Crock, $29.95, gardeners.com

Compost Ingredient Checklist Not all kitchen scraps belong in the compost pile. Here's a quick list of good and bad compost ingredients.

Good to go:
Vegetable scraps
Cut flowers

Dairy products

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