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April 9, 2012

Compostology 1-2-3

Want to compost but aren’t sure where to start? Need a little help with a compost pile that’s already in the garden? Compostology 1-2-3 is the answer!

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70th Anniversary Cookbook

Organic Gardening's 70th anniversary recipe collection, gleaned from the magazine's pages across the decades, celebrates the passion gardeners have for homegrown vegetables, herbs, and fruit.

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Seed Starts and Smarts

Seed Starts & Smarts features sowing and growing advice for more than 70 edible garden crops—including vegetables, herbs, and fruits—along with tips and techniques for growing the most popular ornamentals from seed, region-specific information, and general timing guidelines.

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Maria Rodale’s Organic Gardening Secrets

This seasonal guide offers straightforward, easy-to-follow gardening basics so that anyone can enjoy a beautiful, productive, organic garden. You’ll learn how to prepare for, plan, and plant your garden in order to ensure a bountiful 4-season harvest.

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