Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

November 17, 2011

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HimalaSalt Artisan Salt Plates, Bowls and Serving Slabs

Add a little extra flavor to your cooking...with your dishes. These serving pieces are made from 250 million-year-old deposits of Himalayan sea salt, some of the purest, most unrefined salt deposits on the planet. They can be used on the grill, in the stove, on the table, or even frozen and used to serve ice cream. Despite being 100-percent salt, they impart just hint of salt flavor to your food along with some vital nutrients; unlike ordinary table salt, which is highly refined, Himalayan sea salt contains over 80 essential minerals and trace elements. (Come summer, check out their cups--perfect for margaritas on the patio!)

$17 to $69;

Liss Glass and Stainless Steel Soda Siphons

Bottled water, whether it's still or carbonated, is about as politically correct as a Hummer these days. To break someone of the bottled soda water habit, you could go for a fancy countertop soda maker, but for half the price of those, you can opt for one of these old-school glass or stainless steel soda siphons, straight out of a 1920s speakeasy. The stainless steel version is free of toxic bisphenol a, used to line cheaper aluminum siphons, and the glass version is encased in a stainless steel mesh to protect against breakage. Both hold a quart of sparkling soda water.

$60 to $89;

Potting Shed Creations Grow Bottle

What's a better gift than a little taste of spring in the middle of winter? These cool "Grow Bottles" are based on the idea of hydroponics--growing plants in water without any soil--and can provide your giftee with a stead supply of organic basil, chives, mint, oregano or parsley until next growing season. The herbs take root in the top half of the "grow bottle," which is actually a reclaimed wine bottle cut in half, and are fed by a wool wick that draws water and plant nutrient up from the bottom. Who wouldn't want one of these sitting on a windowsill all winter?


Back-to-the-Roots Mushroom Growing Kit

Grow gourmet mushrooms? In the middle of winter? Two young, forward-thinking green entrepreneurs have made it possible with these quirky mushroom-growing kits. Grow the 'shrooms in the cardboard box they're shipped in, which contains a growing medium of recycled coffee grinds, and just add water. Then, sit back and watch the beautiful growing process unfold. The kits produce about a half-pound of mushrooms you can use in winter soups and breakfast omelets. Back-to-the-Roots is offering a special discount for readers. Use code: Save10GiftofGiving for 10 percent off and free shipping when ordering two or more kits.


Onyx Containers Ice Pop Molds

Whether you've got kids, or just enjoy the occasional popsicle, popsicle molds can save you a fortune on the prepackaged junk sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and dyed with iffy synthetic food colors. These are made from high-quality stainless steel, so you can avoid chemicals that leach out of plastic versions. Each set comes with one stand, six molds, six lids and 12 silicone rings that keep your popsicle sticks from drooping to one side.


Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle

Simply the best (and most stylish) way to carry your coffee! Klean Kanteen earned a great rep for its high-quality, fun-colored, BPA-free, stainless steel water bottles, and that same sleek design shines through in its double-walled, vacuum insulated bottle. Fill 'er up at 8 am, and you're coffee or tea will stay hot until mid-afternoon! Did we mention it's leak-proof? Comes in 12-, 16-, and 20-ounce sizes. Klean Kanteen also makes high-quality stainless steel water bottles and sippy cups, for the non-latte-loving loved ones on your gift list.

$23 to $28;

Full Circle Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

You might feel weird giving cleaning supplies as a holiday gift, but even the laziest of cleaners will love the sustainable bamboo and recycled plastic handles and organic materials that make up Full Circle's earth-friendly line of kitchen supplies. The stick 'em magnet kitchen towel is a must-have for every household--the built-in magnet (made of recycled metals) makes it easy to stick the organic cotton-bamboo towel on the fridge or oven. Definitely mother (and Mother Earth) approved!

$5 to $9;

Reusable Bags

Forget boring throwaway wrapping paper and instead tuck your smaller gifts into reusable produce bags, doubling your gift-giving efforts! ChicoBag's Produce Stand Starter Kit or Blue Lotus Goods' organic cotton bags are perfect for your farmer's-market-loving friends and family members. Mesh bags work wonders for storing apples, oranges, potatoes, and onions, while sustainable solid hemp and organic cotton do the trick for greens, grains, and nuts. Look for ChicoBag's rePETe series--they're constructed from recycled plastic bottles and come in all different designs and sizes. Blue Lotus Bags come in stylish, colorful apple, carrot, bamboo, greens, and grains prints.

$2 to $16; and

Coyuchi Rustic Linen Throw

Give the gift of cozy. This soft throw blanket, made from 100 percent linen and backed with organic cotton flannel, is the perfect accompaniment to cold blustery winter nights. And Coyuchi, the company that makes the blanket, knows warm and cozy. Launched 20 years ago in California, they were the first company to sell organic bedding in the United States. All their cotton is Fair Trade Certified and organic, and no harsh bleaching or finishing agents are used on their products.


LaRose Boutique Hammam Towels

Nowadays, you can find towels made out of everything from organic cotton to sustainable wood pulp. But green as those are, they all share one inherent problem: Dry them on a line to be energy-efficient, and you wind up with stiff crunchy towels. Turkish-style Hammam, on the other hand, are as absorbent as traditional towels but dry twice as fast (and use half as much detergent in the wash). Used for nearly 600 years, elegant Hammam towels were traditionally used in Turkish baths and are still hand woven by women in Turkey from soft, locally grown cotton.

$18 to $35;

Large Hanging Platform Bird Feeder

Plop some peanuts or fruit on this easy-to-install platform feeder, and watch birds like blue jays swoop in for a taste. It's made of recycled plastic and easy to clean, and the mesh bottom helps promote air circulation, which eliminates mold build-up. The product also features a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. Couple the feeder with a $15 Project FeederWatch membership--where you count birds visiting your feeder to help advance science--for a fun winter project.


DeWit Garden Tools

These built-to-last-a-lifetime garden tools are meticulously crafted in Holland and perfect for the seasoned gardener in your family--the one who can easily spot the difference between a cheap box-store garden trowel that will fall apart in a week and one that will handle years of punishment in the garden. If shopping for garden tools is as foreign as trying to read a book in another language, know that weeds are a challenge for all organic gardeners, so tools like hoes make great gifts. Hand hoes like Cape Cod and Dutch hoes are staples in the garden; the longer-handled Coleman Swan Neck Hoe helps gardeners with bad backs do their weeding while standing up.

$24 to $83;

Cardinal No No Feeder

There's nothing like spotting a beautiful, red cardinal in the middle of winter...a burst of deep red when most of nature's colors have grown dull. This all-metal mesh feeder is easy to clean (without proper cleaning, some bird feeders and serve up a dose of salmonella with all your goodwill), and allows for plenty of space for birds to cling and feast. (Tip, cardinals love black oil sunflower seeds!) Don't have cash to gift a feeder? Your present can still benefit the birds. "If a feeder turns out to be a more generous gift than your budget allows, consider gifts of seed or suet to put in feeders your recipient already owns," suggests Deb Martin, author of Secrets of Backyard Bird-Feeding Success (Rodale, 2011. A case of suet cakes--usually 12--or a bag of good quality seed will please any bird lover.


Seed Savers Exchange Seeds

Organic seeds, seed gift certificates, or a membership from Seed Savers Exchange is something any sustainable gardener would appreciate. The organization specializes in preserving heirloom vegetable varieties that have been handed down from generation to generation and are valued for their exceptional taste. Grandpa Admire's lettuce? Lazy Housewife green bean? You won't find these old veggie favorites in the supermarket! Since some vegetable plants require more work than others, stick to favorites like lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, pumpkins and other squash, beets, and beans.

$1 and up;

The Bird's Choice Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Birdfeeders aren't just for the hard-core nature crowd. Simply watching birds buzz around feeders has been proven to reduce stress and may help alleviate symptoms of ADHD. Attract all sorts of different bird species to the backyard with this economical, all-metal feeder. It features a weight-activated perch, making it a smart choice for people living in areas with a lot of squirrel traffic. Throw in a 5-pound bag of high-quality birdseed with the feeder--that will be enough for the first fill-up.


Thinksound ts02+mic

Incredible sound with a tiny eco-footprint: You'll want to gift a pair of these with whichever phone you're buying this year. The wood earbuds not only come from well-managed forests, they also deliver a superior sound to the plastic casings usually used in earphones. The wiring is all PVC-free, and thus won't expose your giftee to lead or phthalates, both common in PVC wiring. The earphones feature an integrated mic and call control button and are compatible with most smart-phones. The best part? The company will give you a 25% discount if you trade in your old headphones.


Nau pad stash

Know a traveler with an iPad addiction? Outfit him or her with this nifty iPad case from eco-clothier Nau. The cover flap has handy slots for any important documents and flips open to serve as a stand for the iPad, and it's made entirely from recycled wool.


Photojojo Seatbelt Camera Straps

The photographer on your list probably spent a small fortune on her prized camera equipment. So strap it in, literally. These sturdy camera straps are handmade in Chicago from recycled seatbelts that were salvaged from auto graveyards. Pick from one of seven colors--you won't be disappointed. And your nervous photographer can feel secure having all that precious equipment buckled up.

$20 each or 2 for $35;

Sage & Kai E-Reader and iPad Covers

An organic nook for the e-reader on your list: Etsy shop Sage & Kai hand-makes padded electronics cases for any size e-reader and tablet computer using organic cotton decorated with nontoxic, water-based inks. Choose from their wide selection or custom order your own.

$26 to $55;

Joobles Organic Toys and Clothing

The award-winning Joobles line of matching stuffed animals, sweaters, and blankets proves that sustainability can coincide with extreme cuteness. The organic cotton products are hand woven at a Peruvian cooperative, and your purchase helps provide free, healthy breakfasts to the children of those workers. It's a win-win. Choose from Jiffy the Giraffe (pictured), Squeaky the Pig, Mel the Monkey, or six other animal-inspired designs.

$30 to $60;

Global Goods Partners Unique Stuffed Monsters and Bunnies

It's the "Ugly Doll" with a cause. These adorable stuffed toys are hand-knit by women who belong to the Manuela Ramos cooperative in the Puno region of Peru, one of the poorest areas of the country. Each one of the knit critters reflects some aspect of Andean tradition and is made from 100% locally grown cotton. The sales of the toys benefit the cooperative's work educating women about health and human rights.

$25 to $30;

Under the Nile Organic Fruits and Veggies

Get your baby used to organic fruits and vegetables before they're even old enough to eat them! The adorable veggie crate and fruit tote are made of 100% organic cotton, making them safe for babies that often chew their toys more than play with them. The product is completely plastic-free, which is important when it comes to shopping for baby toys. Scientists have found that virtually all plastics leach harmful chemicals that can interfere with a baby's normal development.


Onyx Containers Baby Food Mill

Homemade, organic baby food is vastly healthier and more affordable than the canned, jarred stuff that food manufacturers seem to think parents can't live without. And it's even easier to make when a new parent has the right tools. This stainless-steel baby-food mill will pulp everything from green peas to cooked apples without exposing a tiny baby to toxic chemicals that can leach out of similar plastic food makers and mills, and it's small enough to toss in a travel bag for long weekend trips and family vacations.


Badger Balm Baby Balm

Hey, babies deserve stocking stuffers, too! And what could be better than some diaper rash relief! Badger is known for its large line of organic balms used by adults for everything from stress relief to better sleep. The gentle baby balm formula is free of harmful fragrances, dyes, and petroleum chemicals--things that can irritate a little one's skin. (Surprisingly, these irritants are found in many conventional diaper creams.) Perfect as a standalone gift, or tucked into an eco-diaper bag.

$6 to $10;

Maple Landmark Teethers

This Vermont mainstay was crafting handmade wooden toys sourced from well-managed forests long before anyone cared about lead in toys from China, and these infant teethers, along with baby rattles and dozens of other toys for kids of every age, are still made at their factory in Vermont. Babies can ease their achy gums without parents worrying about toxic chemicals leaching from plastic or gel teething rings. The rings contain no finish; they've been carefully sanded down to be smooth for a baby's gums.

$9 each or $16/pair;

Klean Kanteen Sippy Cups

Toddlers are stylin' and safe when sipping from these BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel sippy cups. (Don't worry, these come in adult versions, too!) Safe like glass but without the threat of breakage, these bottles stand up to the usual wear and tear of an active little one, and they're dishwasher safe, making for convenient clean ups for mom and dad, too.


patemm Diaper Bags

A favorite of celebrity moms Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, these compact diaper bags conveniently fold out into a changing pad. This convenience doesn't come at the expense of baby's health, either, given that it's free of PVC, lead, BPA, latex, and formaldehyde. Tuck diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and even a change of clothes into the inner pockets and fold up into a stylish bag at least half the size of most clunky diaper bags. Made in the USA.


Glob Paint

Children's art supplies are fodder for creativity and artistic expression. They're also chock full of petroleum and industrial contaminants, and there's no independent agency charged with ensuring they're safe for budding artists--which is why we love companies like Glob. They make powdered paints derived from plant starch and pigmented with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and safe for kids as young as 3. Pictured here are the paint kit, which contains six packets of powdered paints that make up to 3 ounces of paint as well as bamboo-handled brushes, and the paint set with four jars of concentrated colors that make 4 ounces of paint each.

$15 to $24;

Crayon Rocks

As with paints, children's crayons may advertise themselves as "nontoxic," but independent tests have revealed they contain anything from pesticides to heavy metals. Not comfortable with the kids in your life snacking on that while they draw? These crayon rocks, perfect for little hands, are made from soy-based wax, not petroleum-based as regular crayons are, and dyed with minerals rather than synthetic dyes.

$25/64-rock EcoBox;

Lucy Hammett Educational Bingo Games

A kid's game that parents actually want to play, too? Rare, but true! These "art bingo" games feature beautifully designed boards and Bingo cards designed to teach kids about everything from birds to bugs to wildlife to space exploration and beyond. Just like regular bingo, a caller holds up a card and children have to match the picture on the card to the corresponding picture on the board. And if they happen to learn what a snowshoe hare or a caddisfly is, or a few tidbits of American history, all the better.


Maple Landmark Mancala Board

The easiest game kids will never want to stop playing, Mancala is played, in some form or another, all over the world. Like chess, it's a game of strategy: One player has to empty all of his or her small pits before the opponent to win, and accumulate the most stones in their large pit in the process. The rules are simple and basic enough for even smaller children to master. Maple Landmark's board, like all of its products, is made from sustainable wood and comes with colorful glass playing pieces. If mancala isn't your thing, check out the company's other handmade board games, including chess, Chinese checkers, solitaire and dominoes.


For Him: Nudie Jeans

The most innovative men's denim company on the planet? Quite possibly. Nudie's line includes "dry" jeans, meaning the fabric never touches a drop of water. Instead, they're colored with real indigo and treatments are made using lasers or scraping, not water wasting treatments. (Note, dry jeans do take longer to break in, but that's part of the fun!) The company, based in Sweden, also recently launched REpair REeuse REduce in Australia, an in-store service that allows customers to drop off used Nudie jeans for professional repairs. We can't wait to see that in the U.S.!

$165 to $499;

For Him: Nudie Shirts

Put on one of these casual shirts and you'll never want to take it off. The Backbone series covers the basics every guy needs: Undershirts, Ts, and sweatshirts, and comes in nine fits in four colors, all made of 100 percent organic cotton. These shirts are so cozy, they rival the softness of a cotton ball! Comfortable and cozy with a stylish edge, these eco-basics are a great compliment to Nudie organic jeans.

$39 to $115;

For Him: Hessnatur Organic Neck Warmers

Even the most rough-necked of men appreciates something soft and warm in the winter. This loop scarf is a super-soft blend of 75% silk, 15% organic cotton, and 10% cashmere, made by a company that cared about organic clothes long before any of us knew what the word meant.


For Him: Nau Blazers

Nau proves that opting for recycled and sustainable materials can definitely be stylish. Men's blazers are created using breathable, naturally waterproof wool, rather than toxic chemicals that build up in the environment and in wildlife, recycled polyester, and organic cotton materials. To top off the sustainable-yet-sexy look, toss your blazer over the Nau organic cotton overhead shirt and pair with organic denim or thrift store jeans.

$275 to $295;

For Her: Feral Childe Clothing

Make a hipster happy with stylish, sustainable clothing from Feral Childe, says Starre Vartan, green fashionista and author of The Eco Chick Guide to Life (St. Martin's Griffin, 2008). "Feral Childe is my all time favorite eco fashion label. I love the funky prints--hand-created by the designers--the attention to details of draping and fit, and that it's made in New York City from sustainable fabrics," says Vartan. Each season's line is designed with a theme in mind, and their Fall/Winter 2011 theme is "Orchestra." The pieces all include musical elements, whether it's instruments or funky notes.

$99 to $138;

For Her: Nau Roundhouse Dress

Every woman needs a little black dress, especially around the holidays! This one happens to not only look great, but it's easy on the earth, too; the classic dress was created by forward-thinking designers who sourced recycled polyester to create the woven, flattering stretch fabric. Appropriate for work or play, this dress will easily become a fashion staple in any woman's closet.


For Her: Organic Fleece Weekender Jacket

Who says you can't be comfortable and stunning at the same time? Cozy yet sleek and flattering, this 100-percent organic cotton fleece weekender jacket can be worn for dressier occasions or tossed on after a spinning or yoga class on a cold winter night. The buttons of the jacket, made fairly in Peru, are metal--not plastic. A classic that will be a cold-weather staple for years to come.


For Her: Hessnatur Loop Scarves

We simply cannot emphasize this enough: These loop scarves are made of the softest material we've ever laid our hands on! Hand-crafted in Peru, these scarves are made from non-itchy alpaca wool. (Alpacas are related to llamas, except they're said to have a gentle demeanor and not spit at you!) Comes in neutral colors so you can accessorize with many outfits. Wear with a winter coat, or just around the house, and melt into a cozy bliss!


For Him or Her: Maggie's Organic Socks

Organic socks are the perfect gateway garments to get people more interested in organic clothing. Maggie's is the best source to find comfortable, and if you'd like, funky organic socks for everyone. Whether it's crew socks for athletes, dress socks for work, or crazy eco-tie-dyed knee socks, you'll find an organic option at Maggie's. Cool fact? Maggie's doesn't throw away socks that are damaged during manufacturing. Instead, they use them to create adorable organic stuffed animals.

$6 to $13;

For Him or Her: Recycled Hand Warmers

Use it up, wear it out, use it over, or do without, our grandparents used to say. And the same goes for our clothes! The Binghamton, New York, designer of these cute hand warmers sources cotton scraps from upholstery factories around the country and spins it into these cute "L-R," "Hi-5," and "Lov-U" hand warmers that keep your fingers free for those important things in life, like sending text messages, pulling cards and money out of your wallet or tying your shoes.


For Him or Her: Reclaimed Scarves

These scarves are so handsome, it's hard to believe that the materials were at one time bound for the landfill! They're handmade in Wisconsin from old T-shirts, dresses, and cotton and cashmere sweaters found in second-hand stores and remnants collected at apparel factories. The scarves come in different color-tone options, but you're sure to get one-of-a-kind due to the nature of the material sourcing. Pair them with a set of those recycled-upholstery hand warmers, and staying warm never felt so good.

$20 to $34;

Accessories: MODO eco Sunglasses

Life seems more beautiful through rose-colored, nay, recycled-plastic sunglasses. And Summer Rayne Oakes, a model whose made it her life's mission to clean up the fashion industry, proves as much with her new MODO eco collection for women. Oakes' line is made of 95 percent high-quality recycled material, keeping plastic and stainless steel out of landfills. This vintage-inspired eyewear even comes with a cardboard box so you can ship your old shades back to be recycled into new ones.


Accessories: REVEAL Recycled Handbags

Whether you're downgrading your purse to a small, but functional, Ivy Mini Clutch for a night out on the town or tapping the large-and-luxurious Olia Quilted Tote for trips to the gym, you can find comfort in knowing they're made mostly out of recycled materials diverted from the landfill. REVEAL uses melted down plastic bottles turned into polyester yarn and recycled metal for the zippers to create these stylish, chic eco totes sure to satisfy even the most fashion-forward person on your holiday shopping list.

$58 to $88;

Accessories: Recycled Depression Glass Jewelry

Colorful depression glass was produced by the truckloads during the 1920s and 1930s and was even given out for free at the movies and by food companies as an incentive to buy their products. Although it's a hot commodity among antique collectors today, some of it, particularly the broken glassware that's of little value, ends up in "bottle dumps" where it poses threats wildlife. Pennsylvania artist Laura Bergman mines a bottle dump near her house for beautiful shards of the historical glass and crafts them into necklaces and earrings like these. Uncommon Goods will even package them in a recycled-cotton gift bag for you.

$40 to $64;

Moonrise Jewelry Andalucia Earrings

Beautiful though it is, most jewelry comes with a pretty nasty environmental footprint--metals and gemstones that were mined from the earth using toxic substances like mercury and arsenic by workers who toiled in horrid conditions and weren't paid fairly for their work. But it is possible to find ethical jewelry. Our favorite source is Moonrise Jewelry, a company that seeks out gemstones and metals from low-impact mining operations where workers are treated well and paid living wages. They even use recycled precious metals whenever they can. These earrings are made from Fair Trade sterling silver with Abalone shell, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski crystal for a little bling.


Accessories: Blue Hill by Hand Earrings

The jewelry designers at Blue Hill by Hand are masters of turning other people's waste into beautiful works of wearable art. Taking copper reclaimed from tossed computers, recycled watch gears, recycled sterling silver, and carefully harvested nuts and stones, artists craft these eco-earrings fairly in the U.S.

$25 to $40;

Moonrise Jewelry Leather Cuffs

Take a close look at these cute cuffs and you might be able to guess what they're made from. No clue? Think fish. Moonrise Jewelry sources "Reel" Fish Leather from a Canadian tannery that takes salmon, perch, and carp skins that would otherwise be discarded by the fish canning industry and turns them into an alternative for other exotic leathers that come from threatened species like Zebra and shark. Each one contains an embedded copper cuff to give it shape and adjustability, and the more ornate black cuff pictured here is embellished with Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, and the company's semi-precious Fair Trade gemstones. And no, they don't smell like fish!

$46 to $122;

Spoonk Acupressure Mat

At first glance, this acupressure mat may look like a medieval torture device you'd only wish on your worst enemy. But the truth is this versatile, one-of-a-kind invention holds the power to ease stress and pain, improve circulation and skin color, and energize anyone brave enough to try it out. Perfect for anyone trapped at a desk all day, with a long commute, or who needs a little quick-and-easy relaxation. The mat --made of organic hemp and other plant-based materials--can be rolled up and placed behind your neck or in the small of your back while driving or sitting at a desk to improve blood flow. Take a break from your chair and stand on the mat barefoot every few hours for easy tension relief, too.


Punch Kettlebells

Kettlebells may seem intimidating, especially if you're just starting a workout routine. But these recycled cast iron, made-in-America kettlebells from could be the only piece of fitness equipment you'll need to melt off the pounds in 2012. Using these over standard dumbbells gets your stabilizing core muscles more involved, producing a bigger muscle-building calorie burn. In fact, a 20-minute kettlebell workout blasts nearly 300 calories. To ensure the fitness benefits aren't canceled out by contaminants, the company tests to make sure these kettlebells are free of harmful heavy metals like lead and cadmium.

$41 to $107;

Armpocket Sport 20

Listening to music you like is scientifically proven to result in more productive workouts, and Armpockets make that a cinch. Designed to house an iPhone or other cell phone, MP3 player, keys, and a snack, you can wear this cute easy-on-the-earth pouch comfortably during the most intense of runs. Made from recycled materials and rayon from fast-growing bamboo, the pocket comes in 7 colors and can accommodate nearly all smart-phone models.


Gaiam Yoga Clothing

For the best selection of organic and sustainable yoga clothing, look no further than Gaiam. And we're not just talking your standard run-of-the-mill black yoga pants, either. Gaiam's sustainable clothing line for yoginis includes bright colors, stylish and comfortable Capri pants, and camisoles that come in a rainbow of hues. The best part? This yoga gear is made from organic cotton blends in fair trade working conditions.

$29 to $80;

Jade Eco-Yoga Mat

Traditional yoga mats are made with PVC, a toxic plastic that emits VOCs and contains hormone-disrupting phtalates. But Jade Yoga has been making its yoga mats with natural rubber, tapped from trees in Indonesia, since 2002. Last year, the company's healthy mats even made an appearance at the White House Easter Egg Roll to help kids get excited about exercise.

$50 to $110, depending on size;

Vermont Soap Organics Yoga & Exercise Mat Cleaner

If your shopping for a gym or yoga fanatic, here's a unique stocking stuffer that will also help protect your loved one from potentially dangerous bacterial infections sometimes picked up in gym settings. The great news? The germ-killing action comes from plant-based, organic materials, not harmful chemicals. No artificial fragrances or dyes. Gentle enough to use on mats, balance balls, yoga blocks, and other exercise equipment.

$7 to $10;

Aquarella Non-Toxic Nail Polish

A coat of nail polish can give any woman an instant mood lift, but it can also expose her to a toxic trio of cancer-causing ingredients: formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. Aquarella's water-based (as opposed to petroleum-based) polishes are free of all that, and they've earned a hazard rating of "0" on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep cosmetic-safety database. "This polish delivers long-lasting, beautiful color that promotes healthy nail growth," says Charmaine Leah, green beauty blogger and founder of "Great for people with sensitivities, mamas or mamas-to-be or for those who want to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals," she adds.

$16/bottle, $6/remover;

Antiochia Daphne Soap

The perfect gift for that office Secret Santa pool or that person who has everything. This soap is a mixture of Turkish olive oil and Daphne oil, sourced from the Laurel tree, an evergreen that grows throughout the Mediterranean. Daphne, or Laurel, oil has been used for centuries in Syria for both medicinal and cosmetic reasons. It's a naturally antiseptic oil that softens and moisturizes skin, and it's frequently used to treat irritated skin and for those with sensitive skin. Men will like the fact that it offers up a nice lather for shaving (you can even use it on your hair!). Pair the bar with a nice wood soap dish to complete the gift.


Organic Dental Kit

Dirty mouth? That could lead to serious heart problems, research has found. So clean it up! Radius, a toothbrush company based in Pennsylvania, creates ergonomically correct toothbrushes made from recycled plastic, flax, wood, and even dollar bills. And since some brushes feature replaceable heads, you wind up reusing 93 percent of the brush! Toss in a bottle of Vermont Soap Company's Organic Toothbrush sanitizer, made of natural ingredients, not hard-to-pronounce chemicals, and a spool of Radius' Cranberry Floss. Unlike regular floss, which is coated in petroleum-based wax, theirs is coated with pure unsweetened cranberry oils sourced from Ocean Spray, which helps break up plaque.

$8 to $38;

Karen's Botanicals Skin Care kit

Karen's Botanicals are "the most natural and organic skin and body care products made from botanical oils and herbs," says Leah. Her favorite gift? The 1-2-3 Complete Facial Care Set, available for normal, dry and oil skin types. "It cleans the skin, evens out redness and skin tone, reduces pore size, promotes collagen production and protects your skin from the elements." You can even mix-and-match your own. Pictured here are Karen's Rehydrating Olive Oil Cleanser, Melissa Rose Toner, Sensual Amber Sage Cream and the Exfoliating Cleansing Grains, which you mix with your own honey, yogurt, or plain water, and massage into your face for a mini-spa treatment.

$35 to $46;

Eco-Me DIY Body Care Kit

For the woman who loves to make her own cleaning products, grow her own food, or just dabble in the kitchen, Eco-Me's DIY Body Care Kit outfits the kitchen chemist with jars, ingredients and instructions for whipping up a batch of homemade personal care products, rather than worrying about toxic chemicals in personal care products. The kit comes with basic ingredients (baking powder, vinegar, olive oil, sugar and an essential oil blend) that she can replenish at the grocery store for pennies a jar.


EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone

Makeup is hard to buy for someone else, Leah says. But makeup brushes make a great gift. "I only recommend makeup brushes made of synthetic taklon, which are 100% cruelty-free." And now you can get synthetic brushes, along with a hemp and recycled-plastic travel bag, courtesy of our favorite vegan, Alicia Silverstone. Silverstone partnered with EcoTools to design a line of cruelty-free brushes, complete with recycled aluminum and bamboo handles, and hemp cosmetic cases lined not with toxic PVC, as most travel bags are, but recycled PET plastic, so the attractive designs aren't destroyed by the occasional exploding lotion bottle.

$11 to $15;

Imperial Recycled Cat Scratching Posts

There's nothing worse than a spiteful cat, so be sure to include a gift for kitty under the Christmas tree this season. Scratch 'N Shapes are the most eco-friendly, nontoxic way to embark on an SOS (Save Our Sofa!) campaign, says pet behavior and safety expert Arden Moore, founder of "Cats need to scratch--being like Feline Zorros, they like to leave their mark," Moore explains. She loves these cat scratchers because they are made of recycled content, printed with soy inks, and come in fun shapes that your cat won't just claw away on, but can also climb and nap upon. The product comes with certified organic catnip to sprinkle on the corrugated cardboard scratcher.


Cycle Dog Collars & Leads

Take your dog for a walk and reduce landfill garbage effortlessly at the same time! Cycle dog collars and leashes are made using some of the millions of flat bicycle-tire tubes cyclists generate every year. Because bike tubes can't be recycled, they wind up in landfills where they never decompose. The leads and collars come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit any pup's style preferences, and after you buy one, pay it forward: The company accepts flat inner tubes from cycle shop owners, team leaders and individuals who'd rather see their tubes leading pooches than in a garbage heap.

$21 to $24;

Harry Barker Bucket of Balls

For some dogs, fetch is the ultimate form of fun. What's not so appetizing is that many fetch toys that dogs carry around in their slobbery mouths contain toxic plastic chemicals and dyes. These toy balls are made entirely of natural latex rubber and covered in felt dyed with nontoxic inks. Balls are sold in packs of 10 and available in blue, red, green, and pink. The Harry Barker gift bucket is sold separately.

$20 for 10 balls and gift bucket;

Eco-Me Pet Care

Pets like to be pampered too! Most pet products are full of toxic flea repellants or the same questionable preservatives and synthetic fragrances littering human shampoos. The Eco-Me Pet Care line for both dogs (pictured here) and cats is devoid of all those harmful chemicals and made from things like vegetable glycerin soaps, aloe juice, white vinegar, and baking soda, scented with nothing but essential oils that are safe for pets. They even have a dry dog shampoo for wiggly puppies that won't stay in the bath and a cat clean spray for water-averse felines.

$10 to $14;

Stella & Chewy's Carivore Kisses

Dogs appreciate stocking stuffers, too, and here's a healthy option that's also a more responsible choice for the planet, too. You may already know the 12 fish you should never eat, but what about your pooch? For an omega-3-rich, sustainable option, opt for wild-caught Alaskan salmon treats. These treats are free of grain fillers, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial preservatives and coloring.


Harry Barker Hemp Dog Bed

The only thing cuter than this sustainable hemp dog bed is your fluffy-eared friend that will nap in it. Hemp is the perfect material for pet bedding because it's naturally mildew resistant, antifungal, and antibacterial. The hemp-and-cotton outer shell of these beds is removable for easy washing, and the fluff in the bed comes from recycled plastic bottles. Comes in natural, brown, blue, red, orange, and green.

$150 to $190;

Numi Flowering Teas

We bet the hostess with the mostest doesn't have this! These gorgeous flowering teas are created when artisans sew hand-picked, organic tea leaves around flowers to form bundles that expand to form a breathtaking image while steeped in hot water. This gift set includes 5 healthy flowering teas (which can each be steeped up to three times for 15 pots of tea) and a clear glass tea pot--because you definitely don't want to miss this tea steeping!


Numi Teas

Shower your tea-sipping loved one in seasonal selections from Numi Organic Tea, a company that provides a robust offering of delicious, healthy teas while treating workers fairly and packaging in sustainable materials. Grab a 16-count box or, mix and match to create a sample back, or, if you know your loved ones favorite flavor, load up with a bulk 100-count package to keep your gift recipient happily sipping away on antioxidant-rich, immune-boosting brews all winter long.

$7 to $28;

Frey Organic Wine

There's nothing festive about sipping pesticides, and that's exactly what you're risking when reaching for a glass of non-organic wine. A 2008 study conducted by Pesticide Action Network Europe found measurable levels of pesticide residues in 100 percent of nonorganic wine tested. One bottle contained 10 different pesticides! If you're gifting wine, opt for certified organic from America's first organic winery, Frey Vineyards! Look for one of the family-owned winery's 15 different selections at your local liquor store, or order online. (Shipping restrictions apply to certain states.) Gift a Frey Vineyards Organic Wine Club membership for hand-picked wine selections delivered to the doorstep three times a year!

$14 to $16;

Birds & Beans Organic, Fair-Trade Coffee

Sure, a morning cup of coffee helps you energize, but depending on the brand you choose, you could be doing so much more than catching a caffeine buzz. Birds & Beans organic, Fair Trade coffee is also certified under the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's "Bird Friendly" program, which guarantees that the coffee was grown without pesticides under shade canopies that serve as home to thousands of birds that overwinter in Latin America. And without harmful pesticides, the birds can feast on all the bugs that would otherwise destroy a coffee crop, helping out the coffee growers.

$12 to $13/lb.;

Theo Caramel Collections

Run-of-the-mill, boring caramels are a thing of the past when you turn to Theo organic caramels. Here's just a sampling: The Taste of Washington Caramel Collection features lavender, apple cider, cherry & caffe vita coffee sweets. The 12-piece seasonal collection includes three each of ghost chile, grey salted, pink salted, and coffee. Your taste buds will be doing back flips (in a good way), we promise! These ingredients used for these delectables are free of harmful pesticides, and the candies are made in the U.S. The company also offers festively packaged holiday bar packs and chocolate pairing kits to couple with wine.

$18 to $26;

Theo Sipping Chocolate

Way better than that packet of powdered junk, these hot "sipping chocolates" boost some serious pizzazz! Popular all across Europe, sipping chocolates are thick and rich and taste more like you're drinking a melted chocolate bar than a packet of just-add-water mix. Theo is known for it's bold pairings, like chiles and chocolate, and this warm, organic treat doesn't disappoint. This blend uses dark chocolate, so it also delivers a punch of heart-healthy antioxidants. In addition to being certified organic and Fair Trade, it's also vegan and dairy-, soy- and gluten-free. A 12-ounce canister makes 11 servings.


Eden Foods Organic Gift Baskets

Traditional holiday baskets are often stuffed with rubbery fruitcake and processed meats and cheeses that--let's face it--no one really wants. If a food basket's on your holiday shopping list, look to Eden Foods for delicious, organic choices. You can't go wrong with the organic popcorn basket packed in a popcorn bowl...stovetop popcorn cooked in coconut oil is out of this world! Eden also offers food baskets catering to pasta lovers and those who eat gluten-free. If you're worried about the harmful BPA chemical in the canned food products, don't. Eden is one of the few companies that uses a safer BPA-free replacement in can liners.

$35 to $65;

JimmyJane Massage Oil Candles

A sexy 2-in-1 foreplay gift! First, light the petroleum-free candle to create nontoxic ambiance, then, slowly drizzle the melted oils on your partner for a sensual massage. (There's a pour spout, so don't be intimidated if you're clumsy!) Unlike most other candles on the market, these use plant-based oils and feature all-cotton wicks that burn cleanly. These candles aren't tested on animals, either. Burns up to 32 (pleasure-packed) hours.

$29 to $55;

PACT Organic Undies

Sneak some PACT organic underwear into your lover's stocking, and you'll actually be giving yourself a gift...once they put them on! PACT undies are sexy in a cute guy-or-girl-next-door kind of way, and the soft, organic cotton and fun prints will leave you never wanting to reach for itchy, uncomfortable lace or other synthetic fabric underwear again. If you want to give a yearlong gift of organic under attire, gift a PACT Box--the company will automatically send the recipient two pairs of underwear and socks every three months for a year. Shop the PACT for Japan collection, and the company donates to Architecture for Humanity to help a fishing town get back on its feet.

$20 to $24;

Good Clean Love Lubricant and Body Candies

This personal lubricant is so effective and safe that it's sexpert-approved by Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction. Free of toxic chemicals and not tested on animals, the organic ingredients are vegan and safe to use with sex toys. Good Clean Love's Edible Body Candy makes for a perfect dessert to eat off of your partner's (you fill in the blank). These adult candies feature far fewer calories than regular candy, and far more fun. Comes in spicy orange, cocoa mint, and vanilla chai flavors.

$12 to $14;

JimmyJane Form Vibrators

The stress of the holidays can actually kill libido, but that can easily be reversed with a little playtime using the bestselling JimmyJane Form vibrators. Unlike many other vibrators containing harmful vinyl and other plastic chemicals, these safe sex toys are waterproof by design and made with medical-grade silicone. Not sure which one to try? JimmyJane's interactive gift wizard helps you make a more informed decision. Buy multiple Form vibrators through the company's Build Your Own Bundle online special and save up to $145.

$145 to $185;

Sir Richard's Condoms

Slip a few condoms in your lover's stocking, and they'll get the idea. Like JimmyJane sex toys, Sir Richard's condoms are part of the Sexy Safe campaign for nontoxic sex products. Made of 100 percent latex and vegan, these condoms are free of harmful additives and chemicals. Some of the condoms even come packaged in festive holiday colors: green (classic ribbed) and pink (pleasure dots). And, by "doing" good, you're actually doing good. For every condom sold, Sir Richards donates a condom to developing countries to help stem the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

$13 per 12-pack;

NobEssence Wooden Sensual Sculptures

The remarkable thing about these hand-sculpted, artisan-crafted pleasure objects--made of sustainably harvested wood--is that you could leave one lying on your nightstand and no one would know it's sexy true identity. Certainly the world's most beautiful sensual objects, NobEssence carved sex toys remind you of something that belongs in an art museum. The coating is free of toxic petroleum distillates, and the pleasure-promising objects come in various wood options.

$110 to $300;

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