Pepper Support

Learn how to stake peppers and keep the plants sturdy.

November 26, 2010

Photos By Robyn Lehr

Peppers are brittle plants that break easily, especially when they are loaded with fruit late in the season.


Bamboo Arches
Building a support system with bamboo stakes and poles looks attractive and helps protect the plants from breaking. To build this arched support, simply crisscross two U-shaped bamboo stakes over each plant and tie them together. Increase the stability of this system by laying a straight pole across the tops of the arches and tying it to them.

Pepper Corral
To build a simple pepper corral, drive three-foot long bamboo stakes 12 inches into the ground at regular intervals in your pepper bed. Then, link the stakes together with bamboo poles positioned horizontally about 18 inches off the ground. Use plastic zip ties or sisal twine to secure the horizontal bamboo poles to the stakes.

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