A Gallery of Magnolias

Experience the glamor and beauty of these elegant magnolia blossoms.

January 3, 2013
Magnolia variety: Judy




‘Judy’ is one of eight magnolias in the Little Girl series. Shrubby and compact by nature, they can be selectively pruned to form multitrunked trees up to 15 feet tall.

Photo: Rob Cardillo


Magnolia variety: ‘Leonard Messel’


‘Leonard Messel’ reveals its star magnolia parentage in pompomlike flowers with loose, strappy tepals.

Photo: Rob Cardillo

Magnolia variety: ‘Norbertii’



‘Norbertii’, a saucer magnolia, bears rosy pink buds that open to pale interiors with just a hint of pink. Eventually reaches 25 feet with a rounded crown.

Photo: Rob Cardillo


Magnolia variety:‘Elizabeth’



‘Elizabeth’, the first yellow-flowered hybrid, became a horticultural sensation when it was introduced in 1978. The tree is pyramidal, growing up to 40 feet at maturity.

Photo: Rob Cardillo

Magnolia variety: ‘Alexandrina’



‘Alexandrina’ displays flaring purple-pink chalices. This saucer magnolia of rounded form is often multitrunked and grows up to 30 feet tall.

Photo: Bill Johnson


Magnolia variety: Magnolia grandiflora



Magnolia grandiflora seed pods split open to allow fleshy red seeds to emerge. Ornamental but messy, the seed pods of this evergreen species follow powerfully perfumed white flowers in summer.

Photo: Bill Johnson

Magnolia variety: ‘Centennial’


‘Centennial’ star magnolia covers itself with shaggy white blooms that are faintly infused with pink. It’s early to bloom and therefore is susceptible to damage from late frosts.

Photo: Bill Johnson

Magnolia variety: ‘Betty’



‘Betty’, another of the Little Girl hybrids, blooms profusely in spring. Summer brings occasional flowers that are tucked among the leaves.

Photo: Bill Johnson


Magnolia variety: ‘Spectrum’



‘Spectrum’ offers flowers in a rich red-purple hue and up to 10 inches across.

Photo: Rob Cardillo

Magnolia variety: ‘Ann’



‘Ann’, like her sisters in the Little Girl series, blooms 2 to 4 weeks after saucer and star magnolias, usually sparing the flowers from frost damage.

Photo: Rob Cardillo


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