Arched Vegetable Trellis

Build your own sturdy trellis

March 26, 2014
arched trellis

This low, flat-topped arch is the right height for trellising peas or cucumbers. Like these tomato cage, it is made from a cattle panel. One 16-foot panel makes two 3-foot-tall trellises.

1. With a bolt cutter, cut a section of cattle panel 8 feet long.


2. Measure and mark two lines, one on each side of the center point and 6 inches from it.

3. Using a plank as in the tomato-cage instructions, bend the panel along each line. The bends can be slightly wider than a 90-degree angle, resulting in an arch that is a few inches wider at the base than the top.

4. Cut the horizontal wire from both bottom edges, leaving wire stubs that can be used to anchor the trellis in the ground.


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