How to Choose the Right Juicer

May 14, 2014

Picking the right juicer is an investment, both financially and in counter space. There are several types of juicers to choose from, all varying in price and technique. The better the juicer, the more juice—and nutrients—you’ll get from each fruit or vegetable.

Slow Juicer

A new breed of juicer, the slow juicer has an upright design that operates similarly to a masticating juicer. Using less heat than a centrifugal juicer, the slow juicer has an auger or gear that crushes the food and presses out the juice. Slow juicers extract more nutrients and juice than masticating models and take up less counter space. They also do wheatgrass and can make nut milk.




Masticating juicers have a motorized base with gears that crush fruits, vegetables, and wheatgrass to extract juice.



Generally more affordable, upright centrifugal juicers have a spinning mesh chamber that extracts the juice from the pulp.



Serve your juice cocktails in fancy wine or martini glasses for a new twist on happy hour.


Photography by Mitch Mandel

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