5 Excellent Recipes for Enjoying Nutrient-Rich Eggs

The building block of many a delicious dish, the versatile egg is also a compact nutritional powerhouse.

January 14, 2010

Baked eggs make any breakfast special.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—There's a lot of goodness packed into a chicken egg. Eggs are not only a great source of easily absorbed protein; they're also loaded with riboflavin, iron, folate, phosphorus, and zinc. They're good sources of vitamins B6, B12, E, and the rare-in-foods vitamin D. Whole eggs are a great source of choline (one large egg has around 30 percent of your daily requirement); researchers found that women with a high intake of this nutrient were 24 percent less likely to develop breast cancer. Egg yolks are also high in lutein and zeaxanthin, which help protect your vision. And Louisiana State University system researchers found that obese participants who ate two eggs for breakfast at least five times a week lost 65 percent more weight than women who consumed bagels instead.


Though many people are under the impression that consuming the cholesterol in egg yolks raises the body's cholesterol levels, several studies, including one in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, have found no link in healthy people between eating eggs and risk of either heart attack or stroke. Research shows that eating an egg or two a day will not raise your cholesterol levels, and eating one egg per day barely affects your heart disease risk. Just keep to no more than one egg a day if you are concerned about cholesterol, and go ahead eat that yolk—most of the nutrients are in the egg's yellow center.

Read on to find out about egg labeling, and how to cook eggs to satisfy any taste.

Though brown and white eggs are nutritionally identical, these days there are other varieties of eggs to choose from that have more significant differences. For a heart-healthy boost, many producers now add flaxseed or canola oil to their chickens' feed, which increases the Rodale Recipe Finder.

#1: Baked Eggs with Cheese and Zucchini. Surprise your family or friends with fancy baked eggs for brunch, or stick with everyone's favorite, eggs Benedict. This vegetarian-friendly version is made with tomatoes and an easy Hollandaise-inspired sauce.

#2: Salad Niçoise. Salads with eggs as integral components include the Mediterranean Niçoise, classic Cobb salad and this bistro-inspired Bacon and Poached Egg Salad with Mixed Greens.

#3: Deviled Egg Salad Sandwiches with Sprouts. Jazz up your egg salad with capers, scallions, and red bell pepper. You can even grow your own sprouts to use in the recipe. For another sandwich option, try this version of the layered French pan bagnat.

#4: Cremini Mushroom Frittata with Prosciutto and Fontina. Versatile eggs are the foundation of the frittata, the omelet, and the quiche. This Spinach and Spaghetti Frittata makes great use of leftover pasta, while Rigatoni Carbonara with Peas is a perfect weeknight meal.

#5: Profiteroles. Eggs are the crucial component of many classic desserts. Fill these airy-yet-eggy cream puff shells with pastry cream, or substitute ice cream if you prefer. Caramel-topped egg-based custards include flan, otherwise known as Crème Caramel and Classic Crème Brûlée. Eggs are paramount in soufflés like this Classic Chocolate Soufflé.

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