The 21 Best Organic Junk Foods

It's okay to indulge your sweet tooth every now and then—as long as you keep it organic or GMO-free.

July 12, 2012
Snack Smarter
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Snacks are not the nutritional devils we often make them out to be. Two well-timed snacks over the course of your day can stave off hunger with healthy fats and--yes, even ice cream--can keep you from diving into a junk-food binge, which helps you stick to a healthy diet.

But it's the quality of those snacks that matters most, and not just when it comes to calories. According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, approximately 80 percent of packaged foods contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that--among other health concerns--put you at greater risk for food allergies and gastrointestinal problems. Because GMOs aren't labeled as such, you can't protect yourself from these iffy ingredients and identify them in that lengthy list of ingredients you either can't pronounce or have never heard of. That's why we compiled this list of the best, healthy certified-organic snacks and snacks certified under the Non-GMO Project Verified program, which tests foods for residues of unhealthy, pesticide-riddled, GMO ingredients.

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