13 Nutrients You Aren't Eating Enough Of

Meet the essential 13 nutrients—and eat these foods to nourish your body.

August 28, 2013

Nutrients You Can't Live Without

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You can't depend on multivitamins to get the healthiest nutrients you need to thrive. In fact, University of Hawaii researchers looked at 180,000 men and women and found multivitamin users didn't live any longer or have lower rates of cancer and heart disease than people who didn't reach for the daily pills. Luckily, you can nourish your body, fight fatigue, and ward off disease by introducing the right nutrient-rich foods into your life.

We combed through Lori Powell's amazing book 101 Recipes You Can't Live Without and found it to be a ridiculously convenient cookbook--each recipes contains a hefty dose of one of the essential 13 nutrients...ones you likely aren't eating enough of.

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