Insider Secrets from America's Favorite Farmer's Markets

Nab the best farmer's market fare using shopping secrets from the experts.

August 8, 2012
Tips from the Pros
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Whether it's the earthy smell of fresh carrots or the chance to connect with the local farmer that grows them, Americans are having a love affair of sorts with farmer's markets. The U.S. Department of Agriculture released its most recent figures showing their increasing popularity: The number of markets increased 9.6 percent between 2011 and 2012, a number the agency released just in time for National Farmer's Market Week, which ends tomorrow. Yes, farmer's markets have become so popular they've achieved "appreciation week" status.

Every year, the nonprofit American Farmland Trust holds a contest for the most popular of all popular farmer's markets, and we wanted to know what makes these markets tick--and what they know that we don't! So we polled the managers of the markets that made the Trust's most recent awards to get their best insider tips on making market shopping easier (and sometimes cheaper!) and why they've drawn such a devoted community of supporters. (Want to vote for your favorite market? The 2012 contest is going on now, and you can vote here.)

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